Meet the team

The Psychiatry Consortium is governed by a Steering Committee and a Scientific Committee, and managed by Medicines Discovery Catapult:

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee brings together a diverse group of representatives from member organisations and other non-member organisations with the relevant knowledge and expertise and the enthusiasm to provide the strategic guidance required to deliver the Psychiatry Consortium desired outcomes successfully.

Scientific Committee

Closely aligned to the Steering Committee, the Scientific Committee includes representatives from the member organisations and the management team with following responsibilities:

  • scientific review of project proposals and project development
  • to engage with the research community to lead to research opportunities that fit within the research scope
  • to ensure timely and efficient decision-making on whether to progress a proposal to the next stage

Management team

Embedded within Medicines Discovery Catapult, the management team comprises a dedicated programme manager working closely with the Psychiatry Consortium members, the CROs, and the academic researchers to support the development of the projects and overall portfolio. The Psychiatry Consortium sits within the Syndicates team at MDC.

Dr Laura Ajram, PhD

Programme Manager, Psychiatry Consortium

Laura has a research background in the neuropharmacology of psychiatric disorders and has worked in industrial, NHS and academic research institutions, including Eli Lilly, GlaxoSmithKline and the Institute of Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience at Kings College London. Laura specialises in the facilitation of academic-industry collaborations and provides in depth support to our academic collaborators to develop and deliver our portfolio of projects.

Dr Alessandra Gaeta, PhD

Programme Director, MDC Syndicates

Alessandra is the Programme Director for MDC Syndicates, providing an innovative model for patient-focussed, collaborative drug discovery. Developed around a specific disease area and anchored by one or more medical research charities, Syndicates puts patient needs and priorities at the heart of their drug discovery effort. Each Syndicate brings together patients and clinical experts with innovators from academia and industry to create disease focussed-research portfolios that will accelerate the discovery of new medicines and their translation to the clinic. Alessandra has a wealth of experience in research management and R&D and supports the strategic direction of the Psychiatry Consortium.