Working group: ‘Exploring the status of preclinical models in psychiatric drug discovery’

Following an in-depth workshop on the use of preclinical models in psychiatric drug discovery, the Psychiatry Consortium has established a small working group of expert scientists across the breadth of the research landscape to explore the topic further.

The group aims to establish up-to-date and informative guidelines for defining the purpose, validity, and relevance of pre-clinical (animal, cellular, or other non-human) models for understanding and treating psychiatric illness. The group is in the very early stages and the direction and remit are still evolving, though we hope our work will ensure credibility in psychiatric research by providing recommended principles and guidance for all in the field.

The Psychiatry Consortium is committed to ensuring that the voice of people with lived experience of mental health challenges is at the centre of our work. We are looking for 2 people with experience of mental health challenges (either personal or caring for someone else) to join the group and contribute to this important work.

What’s involved?

  • The meetings take the format of a discussion group and will take place online via Zoom. The group is led by two co-chairs, who set the aims of the meeting, guide the conversation, and ask questions of the group.
  • We’ll share an agenda in advance and give you chance to feed in if you have any questions or topics for discussion that you think would be useful.
  • As we develop our guidelines – the group will be asked to contribute to their development outside of the meetings, either by providing feedback on the guidelines or editing them. Time spent doing this should not exceed 2 hours/month.
  • We will aim to provide any support or reasonable adjustments that you need in order to take part.
  • Everyone in the group will be very welcoming, and you won’t have to answer questions about anything that you don’t want to.

Who are we looking for?

We are specifically looking for people with;

  1. Personal experience of mental health challenges
  2. Experience in conducting research is desirable, but not essential
  3. An understanding of the biology behind mental health illnesses is desirable, but not essential
  4. Confidence talking to a group of people
  5. Willingness to answer some questions
  6. Good timekeeping
  7. Time to attend at least 2 of the below meeting dates
  8. Time to spend 1-2 hours/month reviewing documents outside of meetings

Meetings will take place online (via Zoom) on the following dates (potential for more to be added, depending on progress):

14th July 2021, 3-4pm (GMT)

16th August 2021, 3-4pm (GMT)

14th September 2021, 3-4pm (GMT)

You will be compensated for your time at a rate of £50 per meeting.

For further information and to apply, please contact Laura at [email protected]