Application support

Quick scope assessment check

For a project to be in scope, you must answer ‘yes’ to ALL of the below:

  • Is the target novel for the indication?
  • Is the indication a psychiatric disorder, condition or symptom?
  • Is there evidence in humans to link the target to the disorder?
  • If you intend to use clinical samples, do you already have access to these?

AND ‘yes’ to at least one of the below:

  • Is the proposed study intended to validate the target?
  • Is the proposed study intended to optimise tools for validating a defined target?
  • Is the proposed study intended to identify target modulation biomarkers relevant to disease?


First call for proposals

16th October 2019

Including details of the scope and review process

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Second call for proposals

4th May 2020

Including tips on how to write a successful proposal

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Events and Workshops

Virtual Event: Psychopharmacology drug discovery in the 21st century

22nd July 2020

This innovative event showcased the new approach of academic and biotech groups towards target validation, drug discovery and development in neuroscience.

View presentation recordings

Delivering the next generation drug discovery pipeline

1st May 2020

A report on the Psychiatry Consortium and Psychiatric Genomics Consortium workshop held on.

Download the report