Workshop: Exploring the status of preclinical models in psychiatric drug discovery

This interactive online workshop​ brought together experts in preclinical psychiatry drug discovery; including clinicians, preclinical researchers, translational researchers, those in animal welfare, academics, industry scientists and regulators.

This event was a collaboration between the Psychiatry Consortium, the British Pharmacological Society (BPS) and the Laboratory Animal Sciences Association (LASA).

Here you can find useful resources and videos from the workshop.

Join our working group!

Following the workshop, we have established a small working group of expert scientists across the breadth of the research landscape in psychiatry. The group aims to establish up-to-date and informative guidelines for defining the purpose, validity, and relevance of preclinical (animal, cellular, or other non-human) models for understanding and treating psychiatric illness. The group is in the very early stages and the direction and remit are still evolving, though we hope our work will ensure credibility in psychiatric research by providing recommended principles and guidance for all in the field.

The Psychiatry Consortium is committed to ensuring that the voice of people with lived experience of mental health problems is at the centre of our work. We are looking for 2 people with experience of mental health problems (either personal or caring for someone else) to join the group and contribute to this important work.

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Literature resources

During the workshop, several key papers were metioned and discussed by both speakers and delegates. You can find a selection of literature related to the topics covered at the workshop here.

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Workshop report

Workshop delegate and Psychiatry Consortium Early Career Support Grant Awardee, Okwuofu Emmanuel Oshiogwe (Igbinedion University Okada), shares their thoughts on the workshop in this enlightening report.

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The Translatability of Preclinical Models of Psychiatric Disorders

Presented by Professor Clare Stanford (UCL), and Professor David Heal (DevelRx).