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Our Partners

Our Partners

We provide a platform for researchers in academic institutions and small companies (micro and medium) and their industry-based counterparts to collaborate on innovative drug discovery projects for psychiatric diseases.

We work closely with our Partners to forge closer ties between academia and industry and ultimately provide real impact for patients in the process.

Psychiatry Consortium Partners

Research Partners

Our project funding scheme aims to support innovative research projects that identify and validate new drug targets to address the unmet therapeutic needs of people with mental health conditions. Successful awardees of our funding are our ‘Research Partners’.

How do I become a research partner?

Applicants from academic institutions and other independent research institutes worldwide are eligible to apply for project funding. Applications from small companies (micro and medium) may also be considered as standalone or in collaboration with an academic institution or research institute. Open calls for applications will run several times throughout the year. See our Funding pages for further details.


Benefits to becoming a research partner:

  • Opportunity to co-develop your research with world-leading experts in psychiatric drug discovery
  • Access to our Industry and CRO Partners’ wealth of knowledge of drug discovery and the processes required to move a target through the early validation stages of the drug discovery pipeline.
  • Funding to support high risk, early-stage drug discovery projects
  • Experienced project delivery partners to support challenging aspects of your project, such as the design and development of novel assays to industrial standards, or the generation of tool compounds to probe biology in disease models
  • Opportunity to accelerate the commercialisation of your research – we aim to “mobilise” new research ideas and potential drug discovery assets in the academic pipeline so that those with commercial value can be fast-tracked to commercial organisations (i.e. the Psychiatry Consortium Funding Partners) that could, in principle, provide the level of investment required to take them forward.
  • Dedicated project management and resource to ensure your project is delivered to time and budget
  • Streamlined contracting and project finance management

Consortium Members

The Psychiatry Consortium members play an active role in the development and funding of our research project portfolio and the strategic direction of this global initiative.

We are keen to connect with organisations of all sizes from any sector developing and funding with interest in psychiatric drug discovery. Members can be funding partners, with a commitment to funding our project pipeline, or strategic partners, with a role in supporting the delivery of our critical outreach and engagement activities.

Benefits to becoming a Consortium member:

Consortium member
Opportunities to engage with the psychiatry research community globally
Consortium member
Opportunities to drive the research agenda in psychiatry, with a focus on patient unmet need
Consortium member
De-risk and validate novel targets to industry standards, and position them for further development and/or licencing opportunities
Consortium member
Share the inherent high risk and cost of early-stage drug discovery
Consortium member
Access programme and project management expertise in a framework designed to facilitate collaboration

To find out more about becoming a member of the Psychiatry Consortium, contact us today!

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