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The Psychiatry Consortium model

We bring together key Research and Development players in a focussed effort to identify and validate novel drug targets to address the unmet therapeutic needs of those living with mental illness, including psychiatric symptoms associated with dementia.

In the Psychiatry Consortium, Partners act as a syndicate – collectively sharing the funding of, and therefore the risk associated with drug discovery.

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Collaborative drug discovery

Our projects are developed and delivered as true collaborations, which closely involve researchers and funding partners from the initial application stage through to project delivery. Our model combines the depth of scientific understanding of the researcher, with the breadth of drug discovery knowledge of our network of industry partner organisations, allowing us to turn scientific ideas into drug discovery projects. 

For our Partners, we offer a vehicle to identify, validate and ultimately de-risk novel targets in psychiatry. Medicines Discovery Catapult, as the managing partner, facilitate this process by identifying the researchers who are discovering those novel targets and building a framework of expertise and resource around them to support them through the early stages of the drug discovery pipeline.

For our funding recipients, in addition to project funding, researchers receive access to industry expertise and know-how, drug discovery capabilities and commercialisation opportunities with invested partners.

Cross-sector engagement

We firmly believe in the power of collaboration, and frequently host events to bring all aspects of the global research community together to tackle challenges within drug discovery.

So far, we have;

engaged with over 300 research institutions worldwide
engaged with over 300 research institutions worldwide
presented at nine international conferences
presented at nine international conferences
delivered two interactive workshops and one virtual symposium, with a total of 1500 registrants
delivered two interactive workshops and one virtual symposium, with a total of 1500 registrants
delivered four webinars
delivered four webinars

In addition, we have established effective and fruitful relationships with several global organizations aligned to our mission:

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